Clearwater System

VCW-02 Clearwater System bundle with Jabra Speak 710 speakerphone

VCW-02PC Clearwater System bundle with Phoenix Audio Condor microphone array

U3D-12FHD6 The Saber

Saber, USB 3.0 high quality and high performance

Saber bundled with Phoenix Audio Spider speakerphone

VPTZH-04 The CompassX

CompassX, the newest edition to the VDO360 lineup!

VPTZH-05 The TeamCam

TeamCam, our most affordable PTZ camera yet!

VPTZH-03 The Beacon Camera

Beacon Camera

EZVDO  Beacon Camera with USB Speakerphone

Beacon Camera with Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphone

VPTZH-02 Compass Camera

Compass Camera

Compass camera with Jabra Speak

Compass Camera with Phoenix Audio Duet speakerphone

VPTZH-01 Original Camera

The VPTZH-01 camera is no longer available.

This camera has been replaced by:


Compass VPTZH-02

USB and RS232 outputs



USB output

Additional Accessories

VUSBEXT-U  Springline

VMOUNT-01 Anchor Mount

VUSBEXT-3 Springline USB 3.0 Extender
Active Optical Cable (AOC)

VDO360 Out Of Warranty Replacement Program

Replaces an out of warranty camera product with a refurbished camera.
Camera must be shipped to VDO360 prior to replacement.
Warranty on the replacement camera is one year.
Not available for altered or damaged cameras.

VPTZH-01 Refurbished Camera (VNWR-01) MSRP $475

VPTZH-02 Refurbished Camera (VNWR-02) MSRP $475