Microsoft Lync may be best known as an instant messaging platform for business and corporate environments. But it’s far more than that. It’s a Unified Communications solution that integrates all different forms of communication and media into a single environment, for easy access. In particular, it incorporates video communication, making it available to organizations in ways they’ve never experienced before. Here are 4 situations wherein Microsoft Lync can be used to spice up video communication.

  1. Classrooms. Microsoft Lync isn’t just useful for businesses and corporate settings. It can also be used in the classroom, to connect students to practically anything in the world. They can talk to other classrooms across the country and collaborate on projects. They can hear from guest lecturers, experts to help them understand a particular subject or concept better. They can even take virtual field trips, touring exotic locations that time and budgetary restraints would otherwise prohibit.
  2. Partnerships. Other video platforms are good for conferencing. But since Microsoft Lync incorporates a variety of different kinds of communication, it can be used for more than just face to face meetings across great distances. You can not only talk to people remotely, but work with them side by side on projects, sharing files, and editing documents and other materials together in real time, all while talking as if you were in the same room.
  3. Conferences. So you’ve been invited to give a lecture at an important conference in your industry. And since the conference is on the other side of the country, you’re going to do it remotely. Through the file sharing and real time collaboration tools we mentioned above, Microsoft Lync allows you to create an engaging, even interactive lecture that will help you communicate your point better and make it stick in people’s minds far more than the people who are there in person, and just using a microphone and some PowerPoint.
  4. Charity Work. Lets sayyour company is enjoying its share of success lately, and you want to give something back. You could make a large donation to some organization and have a wing named after you in a building across the world that you never see. Or you can use Microsoft Lync to take a more active role in what you’re doing. Microsoft Lync allows you to connect directly with the people you’re helping, even if they’re in a developing nation on the other side of the world. You can hold classes for disadvantaged children. You can supervise the building of a clean water facility, or the distribution of food or mosquito nets. With Microsoft Lync video conferencing, you can really get involved in a way that’s never been possible before, and see firsthand the progress that’s being made as a result of your efforts.

Videoconferencing is a great tool, not only in business, but in a variety of situations. But Microsoft Lync allows you to go beyond simple videoconferencing and really connect with people on a personal level. It can improve business productivity, facilitate collaboration, and save money on travel expenses by putting you wherever you need to be. But more than that, Microsoft Lync can really help you make a difference, not just to your organization, but to the world around you. It’s more than just a videoconferencing tool. It’s a gateway to the world around you. Just don’t forget to use a high quality camera!