4-ways-video-can-take-your-onboarding-from-blah-to-bamAs HR pros know, onboarding new hires is one of the most important part of the talent recruitment processes. Successful onboarding can make a new employee feel immediately at home and an integral part of the team, and the faster you can make this happen, the happier and more productive your new employee will be. And the quickest way to take what has long been a dull and sometimes even laborious process for new hires to a whole new level is to integrate video into the mix. In fact, we’re pretty sure that video will take your onboarding from ho-hum blah-ness to BAM that was a great experience!

Here are four reasons why.

    1. Video makes brand storytelling easier and more relevant. Modern professionals want to feel that they are part of something that matters to the world. Many companies are focusing on telling their brand stories in their marketing campaigns targeted to customers, but brand storytelling also matters to employees. When you can use video as part of your onboarding process and share with your new hires the history of the company in a visually compelling manner, it goes a long way toward making them not only feel at home, but also understand and identify with the company in a personally compelling way.

    2. Video can give new hires a direct dose of corporate culture. It’s hard being the new kid on the block, and when you can use video to introduce new hires to the culture of the company, it goes a long way toward smooth and rapid assimilation. Your video content can include snippets featuring the company softball league, the team who competed in the MS150 bike race, the folks who worked on a Habitat for Humanity project, or the team members who competed in the company-wide fitness challenge. This glimpse into your people and your culture will be a great introduction to new team members and help them feel excited about their new adventure and hopefully right at home. .

    3. Make consuming “boring” policy briefings and training materials a little less onerous with video content. Anyone who has experienced an onboarding process has seen the gamut of company policy training materials that are a necessity at just about every company. Companies typically include training on sexual harassment, insider trading, compliance and regulation requirements, attire, conduct, grievance policies, vacation and sick pay policies, and other policies during the onboarding process. Video content can (maybe) help make these necessary topics a little easier to wade through and hopefully a little more fun and engaging.

    4. Video drives employee engagement. Video content conveys value when you use it during onboarding, and new employees are likely to feel more engaged when they see your organization has taken time to make the onboarding process smooth, interesting, and fun. Equally as important, when employees feel engaged with their organizations, turnover drops. This is key, since about 22 percent of employee turnover happens within the first two months of a new employee’s first day.

    5. Speed up the onboarding process with video. For years, onboarding has been a notoriously slow and arduous process, both for the HR team and for new hires. When you integrate video into the mix, you make the process much faster for everyone involved. This gets your new employees up and running and to work faster, and your HR team and other managers involved in the onboarding processes can return more quickly to their other work responsibilities. Everybody wins when you speed up onboarding!

    6. Video is cost-effective. Video makes it much easier to conduct orientation for groups of new employees at one time. You can stretch this even further if you have multiple locations and stream video training materials to several groups at all your locations. Rather than running through the process for each individual new hire, you can set specific start dates for groups of new employees and quickly and effectively knock out training for all of them, making video a major player in the cost-effectiveness department.

When it comes to integrating video into your onboarding processes, it’s really a no-brainer. Video can make onboarding more interesting, more fun, more effective, and more efficient. In short and as promised, video will take your onboarding from blah to BAM in no time. Really!

photo credit: telepresence & video conferencing application via photopin (license)