Skype VDO360The Skype video calling application can connect people across great distances for everything from business meetings to family reunions. For a casual chat with friends, how the call looks and feels isn’t that important, so long as all parties can see and hear one another with relative ease. But when Skyping for business purposes, the call has to be as professional as possible, in order to make a good impression and project an air of authority. So here are 5 tips for successful Skype video calls in your business.

  1. Use a High Quality USB Camera. The first step to making your Skype call look professional is a clear picture. Especially if there are multiple people in the room, your camera needs to be able to pick them all up no matter where they’re sitting and deliver an image to the other party that allows them to see clearly who everyone is. A blurry or grainy picture reflects badly on your company. Fortunately, HD cameras are much more prevalent than they were a few years ago. A high quality USB camera can interface directly with your computer and deliver a crystal clear picture that makes you look your best.
  2. Use Quality Sound Equipment. Good quality USB cameras typically come with a microphone built in. Before you make your first business Skype call, though, test the equipment to make sure that both picture and sound come through clearly. If not, you may want to invest in an external microphone that can pick up the entire room. Also check the quality of your speakers. Are they equipped to make the video call clearly audible to an entire conference room? If you’re relying on built-in laptop speakers or even tiny external desktop speakers, you may want to invest in a better set before the meeting.
  3. Check Lighting. Even the best HD camera can’t deliver a good picture if the lighting is bad. Test the lighting in your meeting room beforehand to see how it looks on camera. Adjust it as needed, and avoid rooms with windows, as sunlight fluctuates throughout the day and can drastically alter your picture quality.
  4. Close Unnecessary Programs. It’s important to ensure your Skype call goes smoothly, without picture delays or slow connection problems. To do this, you need to make sure your computer is running at optimum capacity and not encumbered with other processes that can slow it down. Therefore, close down all programs beforehand that aren’t relevant to the call, so that your computer can devote all its resources to video conferencing.
  5. Do a Test Run. One of the most important tips for successful Skype video calls is to be prepared. This means checking your equipment, lighting, etc., as we’ve covered. But the best way of being prepared is to do an actual test call the day before, with someone you trust. Make sure all the equipment is working and the picture is good, resolve any issues, and get a feel for how the call goes and what it will be like the next day.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when doing professional-level video conferencing. These tips for successful Skype video calls will help you on your way to better connections with business partners and clients, and ultimately more dynamic and productive meetings.

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Image: Creative Commons via Flickr