Mobile video conferencing is important for companies that want to have face-to-face interactions with their team members or clients from any location. The best mobile video conferencing solutions are the ones that help people stay in touch with one another, whether they are looking to communicate for personal or professional reasons.

1. FaceTime

Apple’s video chat software is one of the most popular solutions available for those that are using devices with iOS. FaceTime is a very sleek, easy to use application for video conferencing between those that use Apple products. One of the main drawbacks of FaceTime is that it only supports one on one video chats.

2. Skype

Skype is one of the best mobile video conferencing solutions because of how many devices it provides support for. Skype can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Skype is a major player in the world of video conferencing: last year, the company reported that Skype users were spending 2 billion minutes a day connecting on Skype.

3. ooVoo

Like Skype, ooVoo is one of the best mobile video conferencing solutions, in part because it supports Windows, Mac, and Android-based devices. ooVoo has even developed its own Facebook application. ooVoo is also a great mobile solution for video conferencing because it allows you to conference with as many as 12 people at once.

4. TokBox

Tokbox is an interesting mobile video conferencing solution that allows its users to add real-time video to existing applications and web sites. TokBox is highly scalable and can be applied to video conferencing in some unique ways. For example, OpenTok software allows the web site for Major League Baseball to facilitate video conversations between fans and MLB players and executives.

5. Adobe Connect

Adobe is a software company that is traditionally known for programs outside of video conferencing such as Acrobat and Photoshop. Adobe’s Connect platform is a strong entry into the world of mobile video conferencing because it can be used on many different devices. Connect is especially suitable for eLearning because of its support for many different operating systems and robust tracking tools that can help you measure attendance for eLearning modules.

6. Cisco WebEx

Cisco has been a major name in digital communications for many years. Cisco’s WebEx application is one of the best mobile video conferencing solutions because it gives users the ability to use mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. WebEx is delivered on Cisco’s cloud infrastructure, which makes it a very safe and scalable option when compared to other video conferencing solutions.

These six tools for mobile conferencing can help a wide array of companies and individuals that want to host video conferences from almost any location. The best mobile video conferencing solutions are the ones that give you the capabilities that you need at a price that you can afford to pay. Do your research and consider all your options to find a mobile conferencing tool that you will be able to depend on for all your video conferencing requirements.