Desktop video conferencing is essential for companies that want to enhance communication and allow their team members to work in different places. Businesses that are looking to reduce their overhead without sacrificing their ability to use video chats should look into the best free desktop video conferencing services so that they can hold video conferences for free or at very low costs.


Google+ is a social network that allows users to host group video chats, known as hangouts. Google+ supports up to ten users and can be implemented on computers and mobile devices of all varieties, making it ideal for large-scale video collaboration.


Skype is notable as one of the best free desktop video conferencing services because of how widely it is used. Just how popular is Skype? In a blog post from spring of 2013, the company reported that users of the program spent 2 billion minutes each day communicating. Skype supports video conferencing, audio calls, and text messaging on devices with all kinds of operating systems.


GoToMeeting markets itself as a tool specifically made for businesses and meetings, as opposed to Skype and Google+ which are more commonly used for personal as well as professional calls. GoToMeeting does require a small subscription fee, but it also offers plenty of customer service and a very easy to use platform.


Starleaf’s main marketing point is ease of use. Like GoToMeeting, Starleaf also requires a subscription to use. Since Starleaf’s video conferencing technology is in the cloud, the company says that it can support a group as large as 20 people.


Ovoo is positioned as a competitor to Skype. It also offers instant messaging and support for an array of desktop and mobile devices. Like Skype, Oovoo is one of the best free desktop video conferencing services. One of the main distinguishing characteristics between these two programs is that Oovoo allows for web-based video chatting, which is a great feature for blogs and corporations that want to increase interaction with their web visitors.


Apple’s popular video chat tool is limited by the fact that it can only be run on Mac computers and devices that run iOS. However, FaceTime is extremely popular and considered one of the best free desktop video conferencing services for iPhone and iPad users because of how seamlessly it integrates with these devices. FaceTime is limited, however, by its lack of video call support for more than two users.


Since 2007, WebEx has been owned by tech giant Cisco. WebEx is excellent for video conferencing applications because of its scalability: the software can be used for one-on-one meetings, multiple user meetings, or webinar events. WebEx is backed by Cisco’s comprehensive support department that will help companies ensure that they can use it very easily.

No matter which of the best free desktop video conferencing services your organization decides to use, it is important that you understand how to take advantage of its benefits and downplay its weaknesses so that you can communicate more effectively within your business.