Look good on videoAfter years of growing pains, videoconferencing is a technology that is finally living up to its potential. Increased bandwidth, improved computing power, and state-of-the art HD cameras are making video calls the next best thing to being there. However, not everyone is getting the most out of their equipment. Here are 7 ways you can make both you and your video calls look great:

1) Get a Great HD USB Camera: Investing in a high quality HD webcam is one of simplest things you can do to ensure you come across sharp and focused. Today’s webcams are relatively inexpensive and simple to set up. Also, if you are opting for a less expensive model, then be sure it comes with a built-in microphone. After all, you will kick yourself for buying a webcam that allows you to be seen, but not heard.

2) Make the Lighting Work for You: Set up your webcam so that a light source illuminates you from in front. Bright light sources from behind will cast shadows that could potentially blot out your entire face. Similarly, overhead lighting can cast you in an unflattering light. In most cases, a soft light bulb from an ordinary desktop lamp directed at your face will help you look your best. Remember, sunlight can cause unwanted shadows and whitewash. If that’s the case, then try drawing the blinds or curtains.

3) The Right Angle: Trial and error is the best way to see what angle flatters you the most. Try moving forward and backward, then side to side, while in the video capture mode. If you have an external webcam, then adjusting the camera itself can help you decide what angle works best. Finding the right camera angle can take some experimenting. However, with a little trial and error you should be ready for your close-up.

4) Avoid Clutter: A messy desk or cluttered background will distract viewers. Keeping your surroundings clutter free will help keep the focus where it should be: on you.

5) Dressing for Success: Generally speaking, soft tones and light colors work best for both men and women. Avoid clothing with stripes, checkered patterns, and in most cases exceptionally bright colors. All of these can be very distracting on camera.

6) Avoid Free Video Services: They say: “Information wants to be free.” But when it comes to videoconferencing, you will pay the price in frustration when you use no cost videoconferencing services. Pixilated video, dropped calls, and poor quality conferences are just a few of the glitches that afflict many no-cost services. If you want to make a good impression, then be wary of no-cost videoconferencing services.

7) Preview You: Most of today’s webcams come with a video-capture or self-view screen. Preview yourself before making each call. Check that your camera angle and lighting are ok, that your hair and/or makeup are in place, and that your clothing and backdrop are not distracting. Once you are satisfied everything looks good, then you can concentrate on making a great impression.

Video calls are a great way of connecting and collaborating with others. With audio-only calls, you don’t need to look your best or worry about lighting. With video calls however, webcam quality, bandwidth, lighting, and personal appearance all play a role in the impression you make. If you want to come across your best when making video calls, then remember a little preparation can go a long way in helping you create a good impression.

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