The Autopilot

The Autopilot – VD0360’s presenter tracking solution that replaces the cameraman.

The Autopilot comes with everything you need to implement an easy to use and affordable presenter tracking solution.

The Autopilot is powered by our award-winning Perfect Track software, running on an Intel Compute Card PC.

VPTZH-04 The CompassX

CompassX, the newest edition to the VDO360 lineup!

VPTZH-05 The TeamCam

TeamCam, our most affordable PTZ camera yet!

U3D-12FHD6 The Saber

Saber, USB 3.0 high quality and high performance

Clearwater System

VCW-02 Clearwater System bundle with Jabra Speak 710 speakerphone

Additional Accessories

VUSBEXT-U  Springline

VMOUNT-01 Anchor Mount

VUSBEXT-3 Springline USB 3.0 Extender
Active Optical Cable (AOC)

VPTZH-02 Compass Camera

We have started to see shortages in the processor we use in the Compass (VPTZH-02) PTZ camera. These cameras are still in production but we feel that a transition to CompassX or TeamCam is timely!!

The CompassX (VPTZH-04) is an improved, newer version of the Compass and now has the same MSRP of $999. It has a wide field of view (72.5), 10X optical zoom, quieter/smoother motors, improved picture quality and color rendition with improved low light capability. Simply the finest USB2.0 camera available.

The TeamCam (VPTZH-05) offers the best value in USB PTZ cameras today.  The 90 degree field of view is demanded in the smaller Team Room environments and TeamCam has no distortion or “fish eye” like most wide angle cameras. TeamCam features an 8MP sensor for excellent video, the 3X Zoom is crisp and instant with no loss of resolution, and at an MSRP of $389, this camera should become the standard for every team room!

Compass Camera