Benefits of Cloud-Based Video ConferencingSmart devices have truly opened the door to cloud-based video conferencing. Instead of physically entering a room outfitted with video conferencing software and hardware, anyone can log in to a video conferencing application and immediately connect with others—visually and aurally.

According to Transparency Market Research’s projections, the global video conferencing market is expected to reach a valuation of $7.85 billion in seven years. For many businesses, investing in cloud-based video conferencing is a no brainer. The technology is user friendly, easy to set up, and cost-effective. Here’s a closer look at the numerous benefits fueling the impressive adoption rate of cloud-based video conferencing.

• Convenience. Cloud video conferencing is incredibly simple to use. A conference attendee only needs an internet- and audiovisual-capable device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC with webcam), the right web address or app download, and a reasonably fast internet connection. Unlike older solutions, cloud video conferencing allows individuals to engage in ad hoc communication whenever face-to-face conversation is needed. For example, T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health educators used cloud-based video conferencing solutions to interact with remote students during a snowstorm. They didn’t need dedicated equipment or specialized networking to maintain their regular work schedule.

    Cost savings. Obviously, cloud collaboration reduces travel expenses, saving time in the process. Users enjoy many other cost savings, too. Remote video conferencing reduces expenses associated with hardware investments, utility bills, recruiting, and conference space rental or ownership.

    Improved IT experience. Cloud solutions are all managed services; your vendor manages and updates the entire video environment from a remote space. Many video conference providers also offer improved security protocols that align with industry needs for privacy and data security. In-house IT teams must only manage company equipment, firewalls, and proprietary technology.

    Improved compatibility. These days, companies draft all kinds of device policies. Some support a bring-your-own-device culture, while others require company-compatible devices. With cloud-based video conferencing, all end users who meet the basic hardware requirements are able to interact on the platform. This feature improves company-customer video conferencing communications as well as internal collaboration.

    Scalability. Hardware-based solutions often require users to estimate and purchase future expected seats. Cloud-based solutions allow companies to easily adjust the number of users, up or down, as needed. The scalable nature of cloud video conferencing often provides additional cost savings over time.

    Data-driven record keeping. Many cloud-based video conferencing solutions allow users to easily record an unlimited number of sessions and access or share them at a later date. This feature drives efficiency by eliminating unnecessary follow-up calls.

    Improved productivity. Video conferencing boosts productivity in general, but cloud-based video takes even less time to implement and requires little to no setup before each call. Anyone with access to the account can use the technology to engage in face-to-face meetings from any physical location.

    Facilitation of flexible and remote work arrangements. Businesses use cloud-based technologies to hire talent all over the world without losing face-to-face communication. Cloud video conferencing is easy for remote workers to set up and use, and the technology reduces feelings of isolation while supporting interpersonal connectivity.

Cloud-based video conferencing services allow companies to easily and affordably enjoy face-to-face interaction with remote colleagues and customers on a daily basis. Companies that want to reduce errors caused by miscommunication and support team collaboration should consider the benefits of investing in a cloud-based video conferencing solution.

Photo Credit: visitbasis via Compfight cc