Bring High Definition to Your House of WorshipYou may believe your current standard definition (SD) equipment is enough to keep your congregation alive and thriving, but is it reaching the full potential of video in the house of worship?

As digital technology evolves, churches around the globe have found new ways to integrate it into daily worship—posting regular video blogs, creating shareable content, projecting video on large screens, and increasing patron engagement during worship sessions.

Video cultivates an atmosphere of electricity, inspiration, and excitement within the house of worship. Video technology in the church can lead to an increase in youth involvement, greater congregation interest, and an overall stronger following. Every house of worship wants its teachings to hit home in the hearts of patrons, and video has succeeded in doing just that.

How Your Congregation Will Benefit from HD

As new technology brings advances such as 3D video and 4K resolution, you may be asking yourself if high definition (HD) is the best choice as you upgrade your video from SD. When it comes to video technologies, HD is the tried and true crowd favorite. It’s easy to incorporate, cheaper than the newest technologies, and has widespread popularity in home entertainment and public settings.

HD video in your house of worship can bring your patrons closer to your video content, and by extension, closer to the messages you want to convey. The resolution and clarity of HD footage eliminates blurry, grainy, or hard to decipher video content—clearing the way for a brighter, better viewing experience.

As HD continues to cement its popularity in the mainstream, your SD equipment will appear more and more outdated—faulty or shaky video, the inability to properly view downloaded HD footage, or even complete system failure can take away from the inspiration and message that you wish to convey to your congregation via video. Upgrading your system to HD now will prevent these mishaps and protect you from expensive last-minute fixes.

5 Steps for Easy HD Migration

Develop your reason for switching to HD. Despite all the perks of HD footage, your congregation may be perfectly happy with its current SD technologies. If you don’t feel a pressing need for HD equipment, or need time to raise the funds, be patient.

Don’t go it alone. You probably don’t have a tech expert on hand in your house of worship. You’ll need to seek help from specialists to decide which equipment needs to be replaced, where you can purchase HD systems at a reasonable price, and how to use your new HD system to its fullest potential.

Follow a plan. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to transition from SD to HD; protect your church from risk by developing a solid plan and executing specific phases of your journey to HD video. Planning can make the switch more affordable, and help you to address specific needs in manageable timeframe.

Convince leadership to get onboard. If you’re not in the position to make the final decision about HD video, make sure those who are understand your reasons for wanting to make the switch. Once you identify your reasons for making the switch and create a plan, convincing others should be easier. You need to have everyone on the same page for HD integration to be successful.

Make sure you’re fully prepared. Upgrading to HD will affect your graphic design, video production, and everything else related to your digital presence. Speak with your team to ensure they’re properly educated and consider speaking with a professional who can explain what to expect. Don’t leave room for preventable mistakes.

If you aren’t planning on integrating HD technologies into your house of worship anytime soon, you may want to reassess the future of your video usage – It won’t be long before SD becomes a thing of the past. Start the discussion in your church about making the switch today, and discover how HD technology can help you create a vibrant and immersive worship experience.

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