Busting Through the Productivity Hump with Collaboration ToolsYou’re working longer hours, multitasking, and trying everything in your power to ramp up your productivity, but these approaches are just temporary solutions to your problem. Soon you’ll be overwhelmed with a workload that’s piling up and perhaps even stretch yourself too thin. So, how do you manage to turn things around, nail productivity and avoid burnout? Let’s talk about that.

First, it’s important to understand that working intelligently and getting the most out of your time and resources are at the core of productivity. And as much as this impacts your personal performance in the workplace, lack of processes and coordination within a team can present even more serious problems. That’s where collaboration tools can save the day. Collaboration tools can salvage the situation by helping your team work smarter and more efficiently, which will ultimately keep them happy and more satisfied in their jobs. Whether it’s project management, business planning, or your daily need for smooth communication, collaboration tools offer multi-faceted benefits that can help you get a grip on your productivity and do the same for your team.

Here are some common types of collaboration tools that can make you more productive than you’ve ever been before.

Project management tools

With the dynamically changing business environment, today’s project management comes with its own set of challenges such as geographically dispersed teams, lack or processes or inadequate planning, lack of proper document sharing channels, or spending too much time in unnecessary meetings. Adopting project management tools appropriate for your business needs can reduce these challenges significantly ,allowing you to get more work done. There are a number of such tools available, but here are a few we love:

Basecamp. Basecamp is an awesome project management tool that helps you keep all your projects, data, and teams in one place with dedicated pages for separate projects if you have multiple running. Its features include third party mobile apps integration, accounting, reporting, software development, and more.

Trello. Trello is a not only easy to use, it’s free and very effective when it comes to planning, organizing, and tracking, the projects you have in process.

Zoho. Zoho is another project management tool that’s worth taking a look at. Some of the best features of Zoho are multiple project tracking capabilities, centralized document storage, secure online meetings, group discussions, and integration with Google Drive.

Office productivity solutions

Staying productive requires working out your core productivity “muscles” from within. Office productivity solutions give your organization support to balance its local and remote workforce, and the adoption of cloud-based solutions can deliver improved performance at lower costs. Who doesn’t love that? Here are some of our favorite office productivity solutions:

Google Apps for Work offers the rare combination of inexpensive and full-featured office solutions to aid collaboration and performance. With data sharing through Google Drive, video conferencing facilities in the form of Hangouts, email, online storage, shared calendars, and more, this tool is a must-have for businesses.

Microsoft’s Office 365 is an office productivity solution combined with the power of Microsoft’s complete Office suite and device interoperability that gives team members the leverage to collaborate from anywhere.

Unified communications

Unified communications, or UC, is currently one of the hottest methods of collaboration. UC offers an integration of instant messaging, telephones, video conferencing, desktop sharing, data sharing, call control, and speech recognition in a unified interface across multiple devices. Cisco, Verizon, and Avaya are just a few of the most popular UC platforms available today.

Mobile apps

When the world is going mobile, it makes total sense to have mobile-friendly collaboration apps in your collection. These tools not only let you collaborate on the fly, but also help keep your project related info handy for you to access any time, any where. Here are some mobile apps that will keep you and your team productive through smart collaboration:

Sellsy Teamwork. Sellsy Teamwork combines the benefits of live chat, discussion boards, and schedules with a highly intuitive interface, similar to that of Google+, which makes collaboration a breeze for users.
Jira. Jira offers all the latest features for collaboration while taking away the headache of installation. Like Sellsy, it’s focused on Agile, so if that’s your thing, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Wrike. Wrike is a mobile collaboration app that works on both iOS and Android, allowing you to collaborate with your team seamlessly from anywhere.

While productivity might seem overwhelming to achieve on a consistent basis, having a few collaboration tools handy can take a lot of the burden off of your shoulders. Since these tools help you delegate, manage, monitor, and track your projects in few easy steps from any location, your workflow becomes smoother, and the outcome more productive.

photo credit: tim caynes via photopin cc