Condor Microphone Array (MT600)

The Condor MT600 Microphone Array Features:

Highly directional, 48-inch aperture, 15-microphone array

Seven fixed-direction directional beams with Constant Beamwidth design

Pickup range up to 30 feet with optimal recommended range of up to 25 feet

Angular reception – 180 degrees

Algorithms: DSP based noise canceling, echo canceling. AGC, De-reverb

100% full duplex

Digital interface using USB telephony protocol

Analog interface for use with Analog Codecs

Built-in IP phone (SIP)

Automatic bridging between the IP phone and USB communication

USB cable
5V power supply
2 wall mounting brackets and 2 stands

The Condor comes with two installation options:
-Wall mount options: the Condor comes with two wall mounting brackets
-Stands: two stands are provided for placing the Condor on a flat surface