Creating Stronger HR Departments with Video ConferencingAs video conferencing systems become scalable across an organization, video conferences grow more common in the workplace. Corporations can capitalize on the shrinking costs, growing returns, and ease-of-use of today’s technology. Instead of reserving a “video conferencing budget” for only the sales team or important business meetings, corporations can extend the technology to a variety of departments.

One department that has truly made the most of video conferencing possibilities is human resources (HR). At its heart, HR is about the connections between people in a company. What better way to forge and strengthen those connections than by deploying video conferencing technology to communicate more efficiently?

Discover New Methods of HR Management

HR was quick to incorporate video collaboration for hiring and recruiting purposes. The technology is ideal for interviewing remote candidates, meeting with staff to discuss interviewees, collaborating with managers, and facilitating the employee onboarding process. However, a growing number of HR departments take the technology a step further. Now, many use video conferencing to:

    • Eliminate communication barriers between HR and employees
    • Identify areas for policy and office culture improvement
    • Oversee safety compliance remotely
    • Attract and hire new talent quickly and more efficiently
    • Train and educate employees
    • Replace travel and cut costs

As HR gets more comfortable and creative with video conferencing—and as the technology continues to improve—more companies are coming up with new ideas. Rogers Venture Partners, for example, uses it to attract a new generation of talent. Many potential candidates are millennials who are comfortable using technology to communicate. When HR uses video conferencing to hire new employees, they prove the company is tech-savvy. As a result, they successfully attract fresh new talent—budding thought leaders who want to work for forward-thinking, innovative companies.

Feel More Secure About Workplace Safety

Code compliance is a major task for every HR department. HR ensures the staff obeys labor and employment codes and takes care of any employee complaints. With video conferencing, HR has the ability to oversee safety compliance, identify code violations, and resolve issues from remote and local locations. They can teach new employees about safety protocols in the workplace, and even conduct virtual seminars for large groups.

Employees’ relationships with HR make a big difference in how a workplace operates. If employees don’t feel like they can communicate with HR about issues in the workplace, managers could face problems down the road, including an ailing company culture and low employee morale. Video conferencing enables HR to easily engage and collaborate during onboarding and beyond, promoting a spirit of communication between HR and staff. Video technology enables businesses to run safely and according to federal and company standards.

Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Video conferencing, used strategically, can expand recruitment searches to the national level without added costs or stress. From the initial phone call to the final interview, the hiring process is often long and grueling Video conferencing allows HR to connect potential candidates with employers without initial face-to-face meetings—expediting the process and reducing costs. Companies can more easily extend their search across borders without worrying about wasting time or money.

In fact, video collaboration in HR can result in a 35 percent increase of year-to-year improvement in hiring time and a 32 percent reduction in cost per hire due to faster and easier training, according to Cisco.

Video conferencing also increases employee productivity and reduces the voluntary turnover rate by 7.7 percent; 58 percent of video conference users report it accelerates decision-making. All statistics point to the same conclusion–video conferencing improves productivity and lowers costs.

Whether your HR department leverages video conferencing to conduct interviews, enforce code compliance, or help employees via one-on-one meetings, you’re virtually guaranteed returns on your investment. If your team puts video conferencing to its best and most efficient use, expect to see positive returns almost immediately.

Photo Credit: Cisco DACH via Compfight cc