For years the best way to connect, communicate and get business done was the face to face meeting. Well, maybe not the best way, but it was a business past time to say the least. I mean, why not gather up an entire team, make them all commute to your office, and then sit in a room for an hour or two in order to hear what could easily be communicated over video.

Wait, did you see easily communicated over video?

According to a recent article on GCN, video is becoming a highly affordable and quality way to replace the expensive in person meeting. And for those doubting just how expensive in person meetings can be, think about all of the expenses…

  • Travel to the office.
  • Time not spent on other things (during commute and the meeting).
  • Unproductive time spent socializing and taking breaks.

Bottom line is well, the bottom line. And for most businesses meetings are meant to be a way for companies to discuss important strategic and tactical items and of course how to execute on them. Having said that, with cloud video making it more affordable than ever for brands to meet and communicate without having to be in one place, why wouldn’t a business consider it?

Of course having said that…Make sure if you do choose to use cloud video that you pick a high quality HD USB PTZ Camera like “The Compass” by VDO360.