How to Get the Biggest Impact from Your Huddle RoomConference rooms are on rise in the work place. They are small conference or meeting spaces designed for employees to come together in a more private, informal setting. They are smaller than traditional conference rooms and more streamlined.

Conference rooms offer significant benefits:

  • Encourage teamwork.
  • Allow for more concentration and increased productivity.
  • Are more flexible than booking a conference room.
  • Less expensive to outfit.

What You Need to Design an Effective Meeting Room

Organizations love the concept of meeting rooms so much they want more of them to replace traditional conference rooms. The term has become so commonplace that many call any small space a conference room regardless of if they are designed to be one. Here are a few things to consider when creating an effective meeting room.

Quality Video: Using a PC or laptop for one-to-one communication like Skyping may work fine, but for a true conference room experience, you will need a quality high-definition video camera.

Quality Audio: Along with a quality camera, you will also need good, intelligible sound quality that goes beyond your computer’s speaker. The microphone needs to be built to pick up multiple people talking in a small space. Unfortunately, many companies overlook the importance of audio quality, which is crucial for a productive meeting with even just a few people. In fact, good sound quality is what separates a true conference room from any old small space used for meetings.

HD Display: A large, high-definition display is necessary for a useful conference room. It allows information to be clear and easy to read. The display should also have inputs for multiple devices so content can be shared easily.

Connectivity: A quality conference room must have plenty of power sources and a good quality network, including WiFi to enable the participants to stay connected to collaborate.

Finally, keep it simple. Your conference room must be easy to use and manage so your employees can meet and collaborate without any external technical support. The trend is to have a simple space where employees can get more done in less time.

Photo Credit: pkingDesign via Compfight cc