Mayday Mayday button on AmazonCustomer service has been flung to a new level with Amazon’s MayDay button for its Kindle users. Users can call upon a customer service representative anytime, anywhere for a video chat. The uniqueness of the MayDay button software lies in the fact that Amazon’s representative can have access to the client’s screen and help them resolve issues by co-browsing. The combination of self-service-meets-guided-service, and the human customer service experience give the MayDay button a distinct edge when it comes to delivering an excellent, modern customer service experience.

Amazon’s ‘Mayday:’ Setting a Benchmark in Customer Service

Amazon has hit the bull’s eye with their video chat option, understanding the pulse of their customers, and delivering benefits as follows:

  • Customers can browse while talking to their customer service representative.
  • The video chat option can be customized and customers can opt for a voice chat should they feel the need to do so.
  • As opposed to making a call, a live video chat and simultaneous resolution of issues is easier.
  • A software like MayDay increases brand recognition and further bonds customers to the brand.
  • The internet gets a human face and interactivity.

How Pervasive will Video Become for Providing Customer Service?

Following the launch of MayDay for Kindle users, different industrial sectors have started rethinking their customer engagement strategies in light of today’s technology. As more and more customers start using smartphones, which keep them perpetually connected, their demand for continuity in customer service will rise. There’s no denying the fact that mobile applications are extremely important tools for customer engagement, and continuous tech support and upgrades are mandatory requirements to ensure their continued functionality.

The banking sector has already started brainstorming how to bring in a service like MayDay to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Though there are some hindrances in their existing 24×7 mobile support technology, the heads of the industry have realized the growing significance of a mobile customer service experience. With the acceptability and success of Amazon’s product, upgrading their own services needs to be accelerated. Online and mobile banking are the future of financial transaction. Customers banking electronically will expect a satisfactory customer service experience that will no doubt include video chat, if banks are to retain their competitive edge.

Some other businesses are beginning the foray into video customer service as well. Take for example the ‘Teller Assist’ video communication support launched recently by Bank of America, which is operational on a small scale at the moment. An example of a B2B video communication platform is the recent upgrade launched by Netop, Live Guide, which is aimed at organizations managing a huge volume of direct customer queries. Apart from routing, reporting, and remote assistance tools, Live Guide also offers a live-chat feature supported by remote assistance, as well as co-browsing options. The vendor industry brings us, the forerunners of a similar service through Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS. Others will jump on board as technology that suits their needs begins to develop.

Technology Support for a MayDay-like service

To be able to assure a 15-second response time like Amazon has promised to their Kindle users, businesses would need upgrades in their IT infrastructure and a high level integration in ERP and CRM software. That would allow representatives to have the required data at their fingertips. This indeed is a revolutionary concept of deep integration through the entire stack, as aptly put by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos. Also the quality of the video must support a good face-to-face conversation, because the effort of taking your service to video will suffer if the video isn’t better than the traditional channels of customer service. A smooth integration among technology, people, and process will deliver the kind of video support that live communication with the customer demands.

It will definitely be interesting to watch technology transform the customer service experience. The first glimpses through MayDay and services like it are very promising. How do you think video will impact the customer service experience? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

photo credit: arellis49 via photopin cc