VDO360 is proud to partner with Phoenix Audio Technologies. Phoenix Audio strives to provide global audio and video conferencing with simple to install, easy to use, high quality audio. Phoenix Audio focuses on providing audio endpoints that can be used to complement VDO360 video solutions. They design and manufacture products that address the fast paced changes in communication trends, conferencing environments, and connectivity technologies. Their audio algorithms aim to improve the communication experience and to enable people to speak freely and naturally with as little compromise in quality as possible.

The Condor is a 48-inch wide multi-microphone array with a pickup range of up to thirty feet. It also features a built-in SIP phone, which can be controlled using a dedicated application that runs on your smart device. Created with the goal of decluttering conference rooms, the Condor sits above or below your monitor, eliminating cumbersome devices and wires from the conference table. It can easily connect to any video conferencing system, and use any type of loudspeakers, including external sound bars or your monitor’s internal speakers.
Ideal for visual collaboration spaces, and mid-to-large conference rooms.

The Smart Spider is a high-quality conference speakerphone that will turn any room into a professional conference room. It has an exceptionally large pickup and broadcasting range, yet is small in size and discreet in design. The Smart Spider utilizes multiple microphones, a uniquely designed speaker, and a powerful DSP to achieve commanding performance.
Ideal for visual collaboration spaces and mid-to-large conference rooms.

The Duet PCS is a portable USB desktop VoIP speakerphone. It has a built-in microphone and speaker with advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies. Though lightweight and discrete in design, it provides a high quality speakerphone solution for hands-free desktop conferencing while covering a large room with its powerful pickup range.
Ideal for desktops and visual collaboration spaces.