Six Reasons Your Business Needs VideoconferencingAre you ready to take your business to the next level without having to go very far at all? Do you want to offer your employees the flexibility of working from home? Videoconferencing might be the solution for your workplace. Don’t think of videoconferencing as something that only tech-savvy businesses need or millennials want. In fact, businesses across all industries have seen increased productivity based on this technology and recognize its improvement over previous generations. This rapidly growing market expected to reach a value of $7.85 billion in 2023, proving that companies both large and small are taking advantage of this technology.

Recognize the Cutting-Edge Technology Behind the Solution

In the past, videoconferencing was an expensive solution, reserved for large corporations that could afford to invest in serious hardware, software, and the talent needed to support it all. Older solutions were more than just expensive; they were also clunky, riddled with technical difficulty, and provided a sub-par audio and visual experience. In many cases, professionals eschewed the technology in favor of conference calls or in-person meetings.

Modern videoconferencing solutions look and feel much different from the dinosaurs of the past. Cloud-based solutions are affordable, device friendly, and often feature collaboration features that improve unified communications goals. On-premise solutions provide a seamless interaction experience at the touch of a button.

Invest in a Videoconferencing Solution to Gain These Six Benefits

With any major technology investment, a business needs to recognize value before making a decision. Here are six reasons to adopt videoconferencing for your business:

1. Seamless connectivity. When employees can connect face to face with colleagues and clients at the touch of the button, they experience fewer workday disruptions. Instead of traveling for a meeting, employees can log into a virtual meeting from any location.

2. Greater efficiency. Many employers today are concerned about productivity and employee engagement. Videoconferencing cuts travel time without eliminating the ever-important personal interactions that drive business outcomes. Reduced travel time boosts productivity while decreasing the cost of gas, flights, and accommodations.

3. High accessibility. Unlike previous videoconferencing solutions, videoconferencing in 2016 is cost effective for freelancers as well as small, medium, and large businesses. Many solutions operate on any connected device. Users pay a reduced rate because vendors utilize their own hardware and networking resources to route and secure videoconferencing calls for multiple clients.

4. Reduced overhead costs. In addition to eliminating or reducing travel costs, videoconferencing may also eliminate the need for large conference spaces, office supplies, and utilities. Employees can access meeting attendees from individual office spaces, on the go, or from a home office.

5. Enhanced telecommuting experience. For employees who regularly work from home, isolation and the need for travel can be major barriers to the experience. Older videoconferencing solutions often required a scheduled meeting previously set up by an administrator. Today, remote workers can engage in a video-based call at a moment’s notice. They can interact with colleagues, supervisors, and clients easily, which improves employee satisfaction and reduces the need for costly travel.

6. Transition to the digital space. Videoconferencing often encourages a trend toward more digitalized practices. Instead of relying on paper-based documentation, employees can conduct all business in a secure, digital space without losing human connection. Without physically leaving a space, videoconferencing provides face-to-face interactions that reduce the likelihood of miscommunication or unengaged participation.

If your business is working to increase productivity, reduce travel time (and your carbon footprint), and meet the needs of employees and clients, videoconferencing may be the answer. The industry is growing at a rapid rate. Prepare your business and take advantage of seamless connectivity to gain a competitive edge today and tomorrow. Your bottom line and your employees will thank you.

Photo Credit: TheRostieGroup via Compfight cc