NFL Draft VDO It seems like in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft there are few things discussed more frequently.

On a local level you will hear talk of your team, and on a national level you will see the flagship stations like ESPN doing weeks and weeks of pre-draft analysis. Everyone wants to know who will be first picked.

While the implications of the draft are huge for teams and big for their fans, technology is also making a large impact on the annual NFL event as owners, GM’s and players are connecting differently than ever before.

In this years draft headlines were made when Carolina Panthers GM decided to attend the third day of the draft via Skype. In the high-tech world we live in we may not be surprised by video being the vehicle, but Skype often known for quality issues and latency may not have been most peoples first thought when a high powered executive decided to attend an important event like the draft from a remote location.

The key for this type of tech use is going to be the quality of the network and the use of well-made camera (link to VDO cam) and audio components to give the best possible Skype experience.

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