Starleaf Rethinking Desktop Video and Ad Hoc CallingWe organize meetings all the time based upon the need to do so. An organization needs to be enabled and empowered with the right tools and applications to support the flexibility of our meeting needs. Think ad hoc calling. These meetings are becoming increasingly popular for providing employees the flexibility to call a meeting anytime, anywhere, without the constraints of cost, planning, and scheduling. StarLeaf is one company that has been able to offer a great meeting environment for small room, desktop, and mobile workers. Video Conferencing and calling has never been easier. And Starleaf even gives you the option to exchange your old room system for a brand new GT Mini 3330 that will leave you set up and ready for ad hoc calling anytime.

About StarLeaf

With the aim of making video collaboration easier through video conferencing and calling, StarLeaf, a privately held company, was founded in 2008. The organization has offices all over the world, working as both a manufacturer of a wide range of video endpoints for meeting rooms, desktops, and mobility, as well as a service provider offering video conferencing solutions. StarLeaf works from its own cloud application, and has real-time flexibility that isn’t dependent on a third party cloud space provider. This gives them complete control over their video and voice solutions, thereby ensuring a secure and high performing cloud based network.

Benefits of Ad Hoc Calling with Starleaf

The usual hurdles of videoconferencing: setup cost, management, and installation requirements, are all avoided with StarLeaf’s cloud based video collaboration services. You get the freedom to hold ad hoc meetings even with people who do not have the same application, software, or even the same video endpoint. Reaching out to your coworkers has been made easier with the Guest Invite feature, and there are other notable features among the many offered by StarLeaf’s video conferencing system. Some of the best ones are: scheduling, screen sharing, multi-party meetings, interoperability, calendar integration with all participants, QuickMeet, HD voice and video quality, unlimited availability, the ability to join instantly, as well as global audio dial-in via phone calling.

An Ideal Virtual Meeting Environment

The quality of video and audio are very important when an enterprise depends on VMRs (Virtual Meeting Environments) for carrying out daily engagements with their global offices. The QuickMeet feature plays an integral role for realizing the advantages of VMR. Ad Hoc Meetings have become almost synonymous with creativity and productivity, and StarLeaf aims to empower with the best tools available. You can call a meeting anytime at the touch of a button and collaborate with minimum time lost.

The StarLeaf GT Mini for Meetings

The trade-in offer from StarLeaf could not be simpler. You can have your old system replaced with a new GT Mini that includes the StarLeaf Touch 2035. They will replace a range of old meeting room hardware including Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Tandberg, Radvision, Lifesize, and other H.323 systems. And, all it costs is the connection license and warranty on the GT Mini system. With it your organization also gets unlimited access to StarLeaf Breeze software which makes cloud collaborations smooth, no matter which device you use.

Whether you are planning a small room meeting, a desktop meeting, or an Ad Hoc meeting, StarLeaf has a revolutionized video conferencing solution for you. They have proven themselves adaptable, cost-effective, and easy to manage.

Is Starleaf is the right solution for your business?