We're constantly looking for ways to make your experience better. We know you need to look and sound your best, especially when working remotely. That's why we partner with innovative companies to add powerful solutions that make your life easier.


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TOA Electronics, industry leaders in the installed professional audio world, have moved into the UCC space. The LENUBIO Integrated Audio Collaboration System is the newest addition to TOA Electronics’ cutting edge meetingIO series. The LENUBIO is the perfect all-in-one audio conferencing solution for small to medium-size conference spaces. 


 Built-in AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), ANC (Ambient Noise Cancellation), and EQ maximize performance making collaboration between remote sites an easy, natural experience. Two open USB 3.0 ports are available for direct integration with VDO360 USB cameras. Bluetooth, codec input/output, stereo audio inputs/outputs, and contact inputs/outputs provide additional flexibility. LED indicators under the microphone’s grill identify and track the presenter’s location and show mute status and microphone level. IP control protocols and a newly released Crestron control module allow tight integration with all VDO360 PTZ cameras.

"We have always recognized the need for high-quality audio, and after careful consideration and extensive testing, we're pleased to collaborate with the great team at TOA Electronics. The combination of our CompassX or Saber cameras offers a market-leading solution without compromise."
Dan Freeman, CEO VDO360
Integrated Audio Collaboration System



Powerful wireless collaboration makes working from home easier.  Intel Unite®  gives you the tools you need for secure content sharing across your organization, whether you're working in-house or remotely. This innovative wireless collaboration platform seamlessly connects people, displays, and mixed technology.




Versatile, interactive, all-in-one professional audio + video solution. Perfect for working from home, in the office, and everywhere you need to be. 

Compact VDO360 1SEE webcam offers 1080p HD video, with Yamaha's ultra wide-band audio for crystal clear communication.


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