The Time Is Now for 4K Video AdoptionHD made the world of technology much sharper than the standard definition that ruled the market for years. Today, 4K technology achieves the crispest image resolution on the market (4x more than 1080p), but enterprise adoption rates are sluggish. Businesses who embrace the tech today will notice the benefits and drive the adoption rate of tomorrow.

Why Aren’t Businesses Jumping at the Opportunity for 4K?

According to projections, the enterprise market in general probably won’t start regularly using the technology for a few years. Bandwidth is the looming limitation standing in the way of widespread adoption. 4K technology requires double the bandwidth HD requires, and full enterprise adoption would shoot the bandwidth requirements higher. However, this won’t present a limitation for long. The new video codec standard H.265 offsets the network load and decreases the amount of bandwidth required.

Many businesses also operate under a tight IT budget and may lack the wiggle room to invest in the equipment needed to drive 4K technology. If current HD systems still work, they may not see the need to invest in more costly equipment for better than HD resolution.

Benefit From 4K in Enterprise Adoption

Although the reasons to avoid early adoption may seem relevant for some enterprises, a 4K investment actually makes more sense.

Unprecedented Remote Detail

Anyone who works with detailed imagery in videoconferences, such as medical imaging results including MRIs and x-rays, CAD designs, or remote technology troubleshooting, will benefit from the increased resolution. The increased clarity facilitates remote meetings for detailed work, removing the added cost of travel each time an expert needs to evaluate something.

Enhanced Security

4K technology also allows security professionals to do more with less. The resolution of 4K technology offers enhanced zooming capabilities for greater clarity across a wide field view. For instance, a warehousing hub might use the technology to reduce the amount of surveillance equipment needed while simultaneously enhancing the results. The technology also captures minute details, which may benefit high security areas.

Better Collaboration

Imagine holding up a document to a camera in real time and others on a videoconference clearly seeing the diagram or the wording. You may not need to scan images on an office copier down the hall prior to the meeting anymore. Collaboration with 4K technology may also enhance the number of individual callers you can support on a videoconference. Better resolution will support smaller call-in locations with better clarity. The potential for enterprise level applications for 4K technology is truly astounding.

Consider 4K for Your Business Today

One thing is certain: 4K is the next standard in video communication. With solutions such as the new codec that facilitate networking, and more benefits for the technology coming to light, investing in the technology will only enhance your remote capabilities.

As more vendors start to offer 4K solutions and the price of equipment starts to fall, consider making a transfer to this innovation today. Start looking into solutions and talking with your IT team about integrating 4K technology into your existing network. You could set the precedent for use across your industry.

Photo Credit: Sevan Dalkian via Compfight cc