The Video Sales Presentation That ScalesWhile you’re busy with a million important dealings in a day as a business owner, the idea of shooting a selfie video might seem like sheer waste of time. Not really. Visual storytelling is playing a big role in helping businesses connect with their customers and prospects and if you’re not yet integrating video into your brand storytelling mix, it’s high time to start. A study by EyeViewDigital reports that using video on a landing page can lead to a rise in conversion rate by as much as 80%. Video is a great way to add some personality and show the human side of your brand. Not only this, a well-shot video remains in the memory of your audience making way for that emotional connection which drives decisions, prompts actions and leads to brand loyalty. All good things!

Selfies and videos are changing the face of marketing

Selfie what? Well, if you’re not aware of what a selfie is, we’re not sure where you’ve been. A selfie is a social media buzzword for a self portrait—and selfies are everywhere. Since its first appearance in 2002, the word has spread like a wildfire and so much so that last year the Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the Word of the Year. The selfie trend had become so viral online that last year witnessed over 1 million selfies taken each day. Capitalizing on this popular trend, brands like Samsung, Dove, Pizza Hut, and Axe have successfully promoted their brand images through selfies on social media channels. Other brands like Coca-Cola, Fiat, and Redbull have used online videos to generate millions of YouTube page views and build loyal followings with rabid fans.

Given their ability to form a connection with the audience, selfies and videos are an incredibly effective way of reaching out to your potential customers and bringing them closer to your brand. Videos are effective for yet another reason. Since Youtube is a Google-owned channel, understanding the importance of search engine optimization when uploading videos to your video channel, can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings.

How the video selfie can transform your marketing efforts

Today, taking selfie photos and videos is a breeze, thanks to ubiquitous camera phones and front-facing cameras on laptops and tablets. When there’s so much power punched into your mobile phone, it’s easy to think that camera phones are the be-all and end-all of video selfies. But, that’s not the case. A high quality camera and microphone can make a world of difference to set your video apart from just any other video online. In fact, a good quality camera like the USB PTZ can give your marketing video a whole new dimension.

In today’s competition for share of mind, there’s not much chance that boring, bland-o-bland corporate videos will to your audience. To prevent getting lost in the sea of online videos that are uploaded each day, you need to add some pizzazz to your corporate videos. Selfie videos speak to your potential customers about the products and services that you offer in a casual, friendly and non-promotional tone. While a dry sales-pitch can put off a customer for good, videos speak about experiences that resonate with them.

Be it a product launch or your business story, selfie videos add a lot of fun, humor, and emotional content to your videos. With good quality camera and microphone, the experience only gets better. What’s going on with your company’s marketing efforts and the integration of video? Have you started down this path? Considering it for 2015? If you need help, let us know—after all, it’s what we do.

photo credit: Kaptain Kobold via photopin cc