Today’s Boardroom Is Tech Driven and Collaboration FocusedTechnology has us constantly rethinking the way that we live and work. We live in a world that is always on the go, from the way that we do business to our daily social lives. And all of these current advancements in videoconferencing and other collaboration technology have completely overhauled “the boardroom.” Today’s boardroom is tech driven and collaboration focused, and many today are kitted out with all the bells and whistles needed to do business efficiently.

When we think of a boardroom, we conjure up images of high-back leather chairs, weighty with importance. It used to be a room reserved for quarterly earnings meetings or emergency business decisions, but not anymore. Even the loftiest business decisions are becoming increasingly mobilized. How is technology shaping the executive boardroom?

Let’s take a look at some trends:

The Boardroom Landscape Is Changing

Traditionally, board members were senior employees, some well into their 70s. These were the executives of the Mad Men’esque celebratory cigar and three-martini business lunch, but these demographics are changing. Especially in the technology industry, board members are increasingly in their 40s —in fact, it’s no longer a surprise to walk into a boardroom to find executive members in their 30s. Naturally, this younger demographic is more likely to adopt—dare we say demand—technological advancements, leading to a change in the way we conduct boardroom meetings.

Additionally, the composite sketch of the boardroom itself is changing. We’ve gone beyond the typical president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer configuration; today’s boardrooms usually have a chief innovation officer and an information technology guru, as well as the director of communication or social media.

Collaboration Allows for Diversification

Not only is the physical makeup of the boardroom changing, technology allows for even more members to weigh in on important business decisions. Using videoconferencing platforms, key stakeholders, marketers, and other consultants can be available to offer expertise or advice instantly. While executives previously had to hop on a flight to join a board meeting in person, now members can join the conversation via the latest video collaboration technology. Videoconferencing not only saves money on unnecessary travel expenses, it also allows executives to make decisions in minutes instead of days, making the most of valuable business time.

Technology Options Are Customizable

Video technology is becoming a popular fixture in the boardroom, and executives have the flexibility to choose the configuration that best fits their business needs. However, some executives may need a little convincing before they take the plunge into a full unified communications and collaboration (UCC) workup.

Rear projectors are still a mainstay in many boardrooms, but information technology (IT) departments are increasingly turning to more comprehensive collaboration solutions. In many cases, the technology of the new boardroom starts on a systemic level, incorporating unified collaboration solutions into the corporation as a whole.

While some executives may fight the new boardroom landscape in favor of older ways, innovators are increasingly coming to the boardroom with the expectation that they’ll be able to stream a presentation from a tablet or laptop, or chat with (and see) their colleague in Spain. Thus, when customizing solutions for boardrooms, talking through the executives’ needs and wants is important. LCD monitors, offsite projectors, and backup units are all considerations.

The goal of the new boardroom is to create a space where innovators and executives can seamlessly share, integrate, and analyze data. UCC is equipped to provide systematic solutions to the mobile executive. With a holistic approach, collaboration experts can provide an area where businesses can share content wirelessly, store data efficiently, and keep companies running smoothly.

photo credit: atelier PRO – town hall Overbetuwe, Elst 09 via photopin (license)