Using Video Conferencing for Sales TrainingVideo has emerged as the best method for engaging and educating people. With all the tech devices like smartphones, web cams, and other collaboration tools, accessing whatever you want to see on video is simple. It is not surprising that organizations are looking toward video as a teaching tool for their staff and new recruits.

Sales is one area in business that has used video as an effective way to train personnel. Here are the top reasons video is so popular for sales training.

Video as a Knowledge Tool

The essence of training is sharing knowledge. Whether it is led by an instructor or through online training, information is shared so employees are armed with the proper resources to do their jobs. Most businesses use screen capturing tools, web cams or slideshows to give a visual presentation. This method addresses two important concerns:

  • People process visual information faster than if it’s text-based, and they also retain it longer, making video a more effective learning tool.
  • The information on videos can be reused for training or refresher purposes as many times as needed.

Organizations can leverage video in new ways to build sales strategies and promote company growth.

Video Simplifies the Training Process

Trainings is always necessary in business, but usually involves hassles in scheduling to accommodate it, such as:

Unavailability of senior management to lead the training. According to statistics, around 50 percent of sales managers are unable to spare the time and effort to train their team.

Mobile Work Force. With the workplace becoming more flexible, employees are often spread over many locations and arranging a meeting in the same room is costly.

Lack of space. Insufficient space to accommodate a large number of employees often impedes training arrangements.

Video is able to override all these issues. Once a training video is recorded, it can be replayed multiple times without management even being present. Employees can join from their remote locations to participate in the sessions, eliminating the need for travel and solving space requirements.

Video Training is a Valuable Collaboration Tool that Cuts Costs

Video allows for training to be accessed remotely across many locations. This also can bring together various levels of employees that normally could not meet in person to collaborate and share ideas. Not only does this save the company travel expenses, it allows for sales staff to be on the same page and foster a strong sense of teamwork.

Video Leverages the Benefit of Body Language

Non-verbal cues are just as important in business as verbal communication. Many sales people aren’t aware of how their non-verbal communication can be negatively affecting business. Video helps in bringing the non-verbal communication into focus by revealing unwanted body language, helping the trainee work through any negative non-verbal tics. Video has become the preferred sales training technique for businesses. The many advantages of visual learning has made video training the most effective tool to receive the best results.

photo credit: Technopolis Office and Indoor Images via photopin (license)