VDO360 is thrilled announce we are moving the needle in the A/V industry yet again: Presenting the newest camera in our lineup — Beacon. Weighing in at just over one pound, this is a small camera that packs a huge punch. Inside its sleek, modern design lies HD over USB 2.0, 1080P resolution at 30 fps, IR Camera control, and Smooth Accu-PT movement, we are convinced that it is the new standard in USB PTZ HD Cameras. All this at a new break through price point.

Beacon features include Camera Preset Positioning that allows for extremely fast movement, as well as a belt drive for the smoothest pans and tilts. Whether using the seven presets on our handheld remote, or our exclusive desktop control, your organization will have the handling capabilities you need.

Beacon’s Accu Pan and Tilt features precision slow movement for fine tuning the camera’s position, plus rapid motion response when filming requires a quick switch to a wide shot. Dual IR receivers, one in the base and one in the lens assembly, offer a wide range of control positions. IR controls also include a “Video Mute.”

What’s in the box? The Beacon will arrive with a VPTZH-03 Beacon camera, Monitor mount, USB 2.0 cable and a full function IR remote. We’ll provide batteries for the remote and an AC adaptor power supply.

There is also a new package, EZVDO. We put the Beacon camera together with a wired USB speakerphone at a package price just under $1K. EZVDO delivers just what you need to plug and play.

To inquire about the Beacon and discuss video solutions for your specific needs, contact us here. To learn more about other VDO360 products and solutions, visit our page.