VDO360 Presents the EZVDO Video and Audio Communications PackageOur customers have again led us to develop and package an industry first: A true Enterprise Grade, USB 2.0, High Definition Video, Wideband Audio, PTZ camera and microphone combination.

What makes it unique? Actually — all of those things.

Enterprise Grade designed from the ground up as a true commercial grade device, our Beacon Camera has all of the features of the award-winning Compass series cameras. The quality construction and design place it head and shoulders above the competition.

High Definition video over USB 2.0 is achieved through the use of the lossless video compression algorithm, MJPEG, which sends a complete 1080p jpeg image in every frame — 30 of those in every second!

True Pan and Tilt using belt drive motors provides quiet and smooth motion, and true optical zoom delivers maximum clarity. And those belt drive motors give the Beacon rapid speed, not only when going between any of the seven preset user positions, but also when using the included IR remote. If you need slower speed for precise camera position, our multiple speed capability- Accu-PT, gives you that control.

Other features that set us apart from the competition? We are a true USB 2.0 camera, and installation is quick and easy as there’s no hub to hook things into, and no drivers or software to mess with. It can also be extended up to 164 feet away from your PC/Mac with our Springline Cat 5/6 extenders, and its light enough to hang from a T-bar ceiling.

Our newest audio offering is the Plantronics Callisto 610. With unmatched audio clarity, the Calisto 610 features 360° full duplex audio and Bi-directional microphones that activate in the direction of the speaker’s voice. The result? Callers hear you, not background noise. And our PC wideband audio and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) reduces drop-outs and echo with acoustic echo cancelling.

All of this for less than $1,000. And no, that is not a misprint.

That’s why we call it the EZVDO Package- Easy to use, Easy to deploy, and Easy on the budget!

The EZVDO from VDO360 is, without a doubt, the most bang for your buck.

Photo Credit: jnobles100 via Compfight cc