Video Collaboration Five Trends to WatchThe rapid advancement in video conferencing is happening. Companies who perhaps only saw the benefit of less travel, are now seeing the results video can provide in terms of higher rates of productivity, as well as increased cost savings and revenue. The technology has evolved to offer price points that makes sense to both large and small companies, and with HD video and user friendly equipment, more businesses are using video collaboration in ways they had not considered before. Customers are also expecting video interaction, which means businesses have to prepare now in response to this trend as it develops.

These are five trends going on right now in video conferencing and collaboration.

The 24/7 Workplace

The days of working 9-5 in a physical office are gone. The workplace has evolved. With the growing technology available at their fingertips, staff now work from nearly any location. Wifi and other broadband services have made it possible to conduct a meeting from anywhere and traditional boundaries are being broken down. Companies will begin building their video strategy, establishing leadership and culture, while educating employees on how to best take advantage of the technology to move collaboration forward. Collaboration from a top-down organizational structure will support workers with the new “anyplace workspace” and lead to a large boost in the use of video.


People today are using cloud services, mobile devices, and social media platforms in their communications. Unified communications providers are taking advantage of this trend by offering a way to keep all of your conferencing and company interactions under one roof through combining messaging, data sharing, audio, and cloud conferencing. Many companies are still piecing them altogether but the end result is: The information can still travel with the worker. Decisions can now be made in real-time, and information is always readily available.

Information Sharing

The awe of video collaboration a la The Jetson’s has worn off, and users are now asking what other types of information can be shared during conferences. Conference sessions now include more than just video, ranging from interactive chat sessions to synchronized data for all users to access during and after the call.

Human Touch

Collaboration is made stronger with visuals, and with the workforce going global, collaboration has become an opportunity to take businesses to places never before imagined. Distributors and partners all over the world are taking advantage of video to meet and establish relationships that previously would have been hefty time and money commitments. Key executives are now able to make an appearance, and interact with supply chains moving business along quickly, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Video Enabled Conference Rooms

It is projected that by 2020 over 50 percent of large enterprise conference rooms will be video enabled. Video collaboration between office workers, off site employees, and clients and customers will become a regular part of business. Customer interactions also have a better chance of being successful when happening in real time.

The work/life balance is becoming more of a reality with the use of video. Workers are collaborating and connecting with the office in ways only video can offer, and businesses are gearing up and preparing for the future by incorporating more video into their practices, both inward and outward facing.

photo credit: via photopin (license)