Video Communications Using Body Language To Enhance The ConversationIn recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the growth of video conferencing as a means of business communication. In fact, recent studies have shown that by 2016 video may very well be the preferred method of business communication. While there are still a number of technology barriers that will need to be broken before that comes true, the adoption of video communication platforms like Skype, FaceTime and Google+ are proving that people want to use video.

But what is it that drives and makes video preferred? Whether email, audio, web or video, the ultimate product of the discussion can and very well should be the same. However, often times it is not.

Perhaps what is creating the communication gap that can make video up to 8 times more effective in creating meaningful engagement is that video allows for non-verbal queues that all of the other communication methods simply do not. And for anyone that has spent significant time building relationships personally or for business, you know that often times what you see is every bit as important as what you (they) say.

In a recent study on Video Communication commissioned by Software Advice they found that 36% of people preferred to use video conferencing because they were able to gather non-verbal queues from clients and prospects that allowed them to more effectively communicate. Furthermore, nearly a third felt that when video could be coupled with screen sharing, it created the best environment for more effective business communications.

While it may seem to be common sense, face-to-face communication just feels better in so many ways when it comes to building relationships. This is why many still enjoy getting out and seeing clients in their offices or for a lunch meeting; the depth of conversation is greater when we can see the person(s) we are speaking to.

With technology rapidly enabling video communication for businesses large and small, the ability for businesses to gather visual queues beyond the spoken word may be key in creating stronger, longer lasting relationships while also improving the outcomes of each and every meeting.

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photo credit: catspyjamasnz via photopin cc