VDO360Up until recently, it was still the traditional business communications of E-mail and voice based communications that were leading the way as the “Preferred” methods of business communication. In fact as of 2014, according to one study nearly 90% of surveyed respondents suggested that email was there favorite way to communicate. However, times are changing.

In the same study performed by Redshift Research and TMC Net, when they looked ahead just 3 years, the pattern shows a bold shift away from email toward video based communication. In fact, video will take over as the preferred means of business communication surpassing email and voice communication.

The major reasons for the shift were the noted improvements in productivity, and the ability to get people face-to-face when live meetings aren’t an option.

Will this truly be the case? We will know in about three years. However, with trends like this we know that video will be on the rise!

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Image: Creative Commons Via Flickr.