Videoconferencing Meets Human ResourcesInnovations in technology continually affect how we conduct business. The collaborative nature of videoconferencing is being utilized to benefit both employees and managers. Now, human resources departments are finally realizing how videoconferencing can be a huge asset in finding the right job candidate.

Reaching the Best Candidate for the Job
With the steep competition in business, finding the right person for the job is crucial. HR departments shouldn’t limit their search criteria to only local candidates; however job seekers in different area codes may not be able to travel for interviews. Also, the budget probably won’t allow for the recruitment team to conduct interviews across the country. Videoconferencing provides the ideal solution for all these issues. HR can broaden its scope for the best candidate without impacting the company’s financial resources. In fact, according to an Aberdeen report, videoconferencing contributes to an expected 32 percent reduction in recruitment costs per hire.

Reduced Hiring Time
Recruiting takes up a substantial portion of your time and effort, especially trying to coordinate the schedules of both parties involved in the interview. Arranging a videoconference will get all the relevant parties together with much less trouble. A 2014 survey report by Polycom conducted by Redshift Research said that about 56 percent of people preferred videoconferencing for interviewing. It tends to speed up the whole process, is more effective than telephone interviews, and less costly than face-to-face meetings.

Improved Training Sessions
The human resources department does more than just job recruiting, it also is often responsible for organizing training sessions. Videoconferencing provides a virtual training camp that visually educates and is convenient and highly productive in helping employees in their jobs. Businesses also save money on the operational costs involved if trainers came from various locations to teach.

Organizing Compliance Meetings
HR is responsible for keeping the organization up to date with the rules and regulations. Videoconferencing works well for compliance education meetings because it can be done on a large scale, and include multiple locations at a minimum cost.

Connecting through Internal Employee Meetings
HR needs to organize internal employee meetings on a regular basis, which can be challenging when employees are located in various places. A survey by Gigaom revealed that, more than 87 percent of remote employees felt more connected with their colleagues in different locations because of videoconferencing.  

The collaborative nature of videoconferencing will continue to influence how every department of an organization conducts business today and in the future.

Photo Credit: live-conferencing via Compfight cc