videxioVideo calling has reached an entirely new dimension with platforms like Videxio, WebRTC, Google Hangouts, and Firefox Hello, which all offer a virtual meeting space that isn’t just inexpensive, but also hassle free. Videxio claims make your organization video-enabled in less than 5 minutes, while WebRTC has successfully provided browsers and mobiles devices with the ability to communicate in real time with the help of simple APIs. Google Hangouts and Firefox Hello enable collaboration over video and voice, share files, and manage your contacts. A video enabled workplace is the new must-have in the industry for upping productivity and collaboration.

Videxio – A Game Changer in Business Environments

When the best ideas and best practices converge, the result is a cloud-based video collaboration platform like Videxio. It claims to provide a better and more effective way to collaborate via automated cloud for business-quality interactions. The application can be accessed with the help of an Internet connection. Videxio built itself around passionate professionals who recognize the needs of other professionals looking to up their game with quality collaboration and video connectivity. The result: a video collaboration platform that is compatible with Internet telephones, browsers, Microsoft Lync, tablets, and other various video systems. To ensure that you don’t experience any technical issues with your video calling, Videxio has installed data centers all around the world so that depending on the location of callers, they can be switched to a dedicated video network. As a result, users making international video calls can have the same experience and quality as that of a local call.

Evolving Virtual Meeting Room – Other Players

WebRTC, Google Hangouts, and Firefox Hello are not as huge as Videxio, but they are no less popular among those who wish to enjoy free video calling services with friends and colleagues located anywhere in the world.

WebRTC uses simple APIs to enable real time communication to browsers and mobile applications. It is a free project that can be used by anyone without any cost. Supported by browers such as Google, Mozilla, and Opera, the Google Chrome team manages the page. The aim is to provide a common protocol for communications amongst the various RTC applications developed for browsers, mobile platforms, and IoT devices.

Google Hangouts is a popular on demand video meeting room application that can be used to create groups, start conversations, and enable voice and video collaborations. With just one touch you can place a call to anyone and connect with anyone who has a Google account. You can also go live on your laptop with Hangout and stream a conference keynote, host a worldwide concert, or moderate a panel discussion. You can also record the streaming for later use.

With Firefox Hello you can start or join a conversation, manage your contact lists and calling, and control your notifications. Hello allows users to make video calls without any expenses. It is compatible on all WebRTC supported browsers like Firefox, and Chrome, as well as Opera.

Communication happens most efficiently when it is as easy as sending an email, picking up a phone, or clicking a link, and these virtual video meeting rooms are ready to take your collaborations to a completely new level: international video calling with the quality of local calls, with the help of cloud and Internet based platforms.

Have you tried any of these platforms? We’d love to hear about your preferences for video calling.