Customers are looking for a lot of things in a video conference camera. When making a purchasing decision, it is easier to narrow down your bucket list to a few specific areas.


Today more than ever everyone is looking for interoperable solutions to fit the needs of an ever changing landscape. Companies are turning to cloud based video conferencing in droves for easy to use set up where the most important feature is simply being able to email an invitation to a client and knowing they can join from any PC, Mac or Smart mobile device. Just look at the overwhelming success of Bluejeans who offers interoperability between traditional Cisco & Polycom H.323/SIP endpoints with the majority of cloud based solutions like MS Lync, Cisco Jabber, Skype and Google Hangout. The interoperability issues that IT teams have been dealing with for the past 25 years are finally starting to give way. The most important feature a Video Conferencing Camera can have is USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. With USB connection ports Video Conferencing cameras can be used for all of the above cloud based video conferencing systems. Not only can users easily identify how to connect their laptop the entire cloud based solution offerings available decrease technology adoption time and training requirements.

High Definition & Optical Zoom

High Definition used to be the most important part of Video Conferencing. That hasn’t changed but the new ways of using cloud based video conferencing have. How important is High Definition video using your USB video conferencing camera? If you are replacing a face to face business trip than HD video quality is of utmost important and 1920×1080 resolution will fit the bill. But if you are conducting a webinar with a presentation as the main focus your actual video resolutions used will be less than 720p. The more important discussion is Optical Zoom. Optical Zoom allows lossless enhancement of video quality from the cameras mounted location. This is effective for business video conferencing but also webinars where products need to be displayed in detail. Actual Optical Zoom is a requirement for high quality cloud based video conferencing in medium to large sized conference rooms.

Camera Accessories 

So you have found a great USB PTZ Camera and your excited to make a purchase. What about the other accessories needed to make your unified communication deployment a success? A good USB video conferencing camera needs compatible camera mounts, USB extensions and remote PTZ Software to adapt to customer environments. Camera mounts like the new VDO360 wall/monitor mounts provide dual purpose deployment options that are helpful. USB extensions that are test and verified to work not only with a USB camera but also cloud based software and PC hardware is essential. With so many end user scenarios for video conferencing deployments USB extensions that do not require drivers are preferable.

Test Footage and Webinars

Customers love to see what they are getting before they make a decision. With USB Pan Tilt Zoom cameras it’s great to have a Webinar every week like the VDO360 webinars every Friday @ 10AM PST 1PM EST. This allows users to see what the real video quality will look like over a live webinar. Webinar footage is stored on YouTube and available for display.