Why You Need a Video Marketing StrategyMarketers today are facing a challenge: As technology grows more complex, buyers become savvier, and so attention spans are harder to grab. Consumers take advantage of limitless resources at their fingertips to research products before committing to a purchase, making a marketer’s job incredibly difficult.

Getting onto a customer’s radar is usually the only chance to build new business, but marketers are competing with a hundred other companies to do so. Businesses push marketers to their limits to provide information that consumers not only need but also want, which creates a cycle of researching trends and cranking out content that may not be relevant by the time it goes live. Luckily, there’s an easy solution that addresses every problem marketers face in one fell swoop: video.

Meet Customers Where They Are and Watch Your Numbers Rise

As the number of people who view mobile phone videos continues to grow, video content marketers are hard pressed to optimize their video strategies. Marketers make new discoveries about the power of video every day, and companies continue to explore new ways video can reach massive audiences.

Securing user engagement was once a major issue when it came to content marketing. When businesses discovered the Internet’s incredible potential, there were suddenly hundreds of new ways competitors could reach audiences. The fight for attention began. Video technology then took marketing to new heights, providing a level of audience engagement that was previously unheard of in textual content. In short, if a business isn’t taking advantage of video marketing, its brand will be left in the dust.

By coming up with a video strategy that works, marketers can track analytics such as how much content is viewed and how many times it is shared across social media. A good content strategy must include analyzing results and optimizing efforts accordingly to continuously create video content that converts. Too many businesses have experienced a steep incline in website traffic and conversion rates, which is why to stay competitive in the marketplace, it is important to create a strong video content strategy.

Follow These Tips for the Best Video Marketing Strategies

It is important to dedicate resources to video marketing. Budgets might be tight, but the ROI connected with video content marketing makes video marketing a worthy investment. Allocating money for video marketing allows businesses to get the right staff and equipment to convey the right message, so that the video content is more about storytelling and less like hawking something on an infomercial. One of the best examples of storytelling to promote a brand is a 2014 Budweiser ad that tugs at heartstrings without coming off as a sales pitch. The commercial, which features a cute dog and his responsible owner, tells a story that gives viewers a deeper connection to the brand.

By providing a call to action at the end of a video, the audience is given a chance to follow up on the information they’ve just received. Videos feel incomplete without consumes being able to actively do something about the message they’ve heard, and so it leaves them wondering how they can connect with your brand. By provide a website link, phone number, or other CTA gives the audience an easy way to get connected and stay that way.

Creating and sustaining a solid video marketing strategy will increase word-of-mouth advertisement about a brand, leading to enhanced user engagement. That’s why it’s so important to drum up business through video content that speaks to an audience.

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